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So who is this crazy, snap chat loving face pulling lady you see? Me, I'm Laura, a mum of two, friend and a multi passionate business owner. Whether you’re looking for help with your health and fitness goals or business mentoring and coaching, I’d love to connect.

A bit of background … Fitness has long been a part of my life, as a busy mum and HR Director, training was my escape, my ‘me time’. As my passion grew, I spent time learning about health, nutrition and qualified as a PT, but here’s the thing … with my career I didn’t have time to work in a gym, and if I’m honest I didn’t want to either! As I’m multi passionate I built a sideline helping women gain confidence, change their bodies and improve their self perception. I felt alive! 

So I got to a point, I loved the corporate career and I was bloody good at it (modest but true), but it just didn’t fulfil me. The time : money trade off just wasn’t all that anymore, so I made a choice. I chose to follow what I love, to package my passion and turn my passion into profits. Now I’ve swapped the board room for bistros, meetings for meet ups and my stilettos are now worn with skinny jeans (when I’m not in gym gear). I work on my own timeline and the only regular diary entry is my daily workout. Now I have the time freedom I craved to be a taxi driver for my kids and have a growing business that gives me the lifestyle I love.

Why do I tell you this? Because I want you to know that I’ve been where you are now. I’ve felt unfulfilled, I’ve felt exhausted, I’ve felt pulled. I craved support and that’s why I love what I do now. So if this has you thinking “that’s me”, here’s how I can help:

❤️ BODY TRANSFORMATION - Online fitness & nutrition plans with personal one to one support (no cookie cutter here!)
❤️ JOIN THE BEACHBODY TEAM - Love fitness, love sharing, love fun, love building an income from your passion!  
❤️ BUSINESS COACHING - Out of place in your job? "just fine"? I’ll share strategy and steps to build a business on your terms!

Don’t ever think you’re stuck, don’t ever settle and don’t ever feel like you’re going it alone. You’re story is written each day … Reach out, together we can help you achieve your goals whether they be health, wealth or freedom … Are you ready to start a fun new chapter?

Much love, 
Laura x