Happy Valentines Day! If you haven’t heard it today, you are beautiful, you are a gift and you are loved ❤️!

So bear with me on where I’m going with this… Social media is an amazing tool to share our experiences, moments, feelings (and arguments for some), and today I’ve seen all sorts of posts; loved up, soppy (cheesy, but they still make me smile), indifferent, bitter, borderline agressive and downright blatently ignoring the day! If I’m honest I’ve probably spent Valentines Day past in each of those emotional states, but today and for the past few years I see it as just another day. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not being negative,  but, and please don’t shoot me cupid, I kinda feel like it’s all a bit overrated…

There you go, I said it and the world didn’t end. What I mean is it’s all just a bit commercialised and in some cases a little bit forced. I mean how many men and women are begrudgingly shoving a garage bought card or Asda’s roses deal (no disrespect meant #disclaimer) across the table because “it’s what you have to do” 😳. Is that really how it should be? Is that what it’s about or is that just complying?

I remember many years ago hearing my mum talk about Valentines Day (and Mothers Day) and say “I don’t want anything, don’t appreciate me for one day, appreciate me everyday”. At the time I didn’t really understand, but as I’ve got older, been married, divorced, become a mum (x2), I completely get it …

❤️ Love isn’t about grand gestures, isn’t about the money spent, it’s about the thoughts, the words, the actions. Take a second to think about a time when you’ve felt truly happy, a time when you’ve had that ready brek glow (I do love my ready brek analogy). Chances are that it wasn’t when you ‘got’ something. Chances are that the glow, the sparkle, the fluttering came from the FEELING of the situation, the emotions you felt and not from the pure ‘getting’. That feeling of being promoted, that feeling of walking down the aisle, that feeling of seeing your child walk for the first time, that feeling of smashing a fitness goal, you get the gist.

So let’s take that a layer deeper, think of that time … you felt good, you felt amazing, you felt unstoppable. Who decided how you felt? Someone else? Nope! That was you, ALL YOU! Don’t you feel good now? You should do! You have the power. You are in control of your reactions. So as much as I do love seeing people sharing their happiness, I do want to remind you to LOVE YOURSELF EVERYDAY.

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In a world where we’re all so busy, but not necessarily productive (that’s a totally different post), we place so much focus on doing, so much energy wasted on comparisons, so much time worrying about what others think. Look at what you do in a day and see how much time is spent servicing, helping, doing and prioritising others. How much time do you actually spend on YOU? Think of your body and mind like a cup, to fill others we should be first filling ourselves. So, from today, starting today, I urge you to do something for you, something you love, something that makes you feel happy, energised, relaxed, whatever it may be something that’s all about YOU! It may feel unnatural, you may feel guilt even, but diarise it, treat it like an appointment with yourself and watch what happens … your cup will run over and your sparkle will spread.

Happy Valentines Day once again … whatever you’re doing, love yourself enough to prioritise YOU everyday and know that you are beautiful, you are a gift and you are loved ❤️!

Much love, your coach,

Laura 💗

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