So I’ve been a little quiet as I’ve been behind the scenes walking the talk, working on my own health and fitness goals and helping some beautiful people achieve their goals too. It’s a pretty cool thing to do but I couldn’t let 2017 pass without popping in your inbox. I mean seriously, can you believe it’s nearly Christmas!? That crazy time of year with lots of parties, gatherings, food and drink temptations … and doesn’t it seem to go on for ages.

I think many of you know that I’m all about balance (in fact I’ve dropped inches on my last programme whilst still having wine, chocolate and a lot of fun — REALLY!), and I truly want you all to have the best Christmas ever, but why wait till the new year to start thinking about your goals … why not get them lined up now, ready to start in January and then you can relax (relatively speaking), over Christmas knowing that you have your game plan all ready to rock and roll in the new year.

Now let’s be honest … Who’s started a fitness programme and not finished it? Who’s committed to a ‘D’ (don’t like the diet word) and then caved due to hunger? Who’s struggled to stay on track? Yes, yes, yes and it’s a vicious circle … Not anymore!

💁🏼 Maybe it’s been your new years resolution for the last X years;

💁🏼 Maybe you’ve just had enough of feeling the way you do;

💁🏼 Maybe you’re making 2018 your year;

and now you’re ready (like seriously ready) to make that commitment to change… Fabulous.

I’m so excited to share with you a brand new programme that’s launched today and it has it all:

✔️ 80 different workouts — no two are the same!

✔️ Timed nutrition — no you won’t be hungry

✔️ Flexible meal plans — no strict recipes

✔️ Group & coach support — no you won’t be left alone

It’s a win in all areas; fitness, nutrition and support … plus I’ll be doing the programme too, that’s right — me and you together!

There are packages for all and as all workouts are streamed to your phone, laptop or TV you can do the workouts anytime, anywhere and there’s no need for a gym membership, just push the furniture aside and get it done at home. Sounds good?! It is, but before I show you the goodies, let me show you a small handful of the results from the test group … Be prepared to be amazed!

80DO results.png

Seriously, how fantastic do they look — sculpted, fit, strong, healthy, skin glowing, confident — the smiles say it all!

And even better, I’ve got a few extra gifts for you too (I’m like Fit Mother Christmas!) So what do I have…

💷 Massive savings on the pre made packs that contain all you need!

💰 An extra £10 off the packs for a limited time only!

🎁 Cheeky extra gift from me to you!

📞 Order by 18th December and get access to a call with the programme creator; Autumn Calabrese!

Interested? Of course!

Then hit ‘Let’s Talk’ and let’s get you ready to get obsessed with achieving your goals!

Much love, your coach,

Laura 💗

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PS-For a sneak peak of the programme check it out now